Commissions and Remodelling

Most of our day here at Gerry Summers is dedicated to making bespoke commissioned pieces, or redesigning clients’ existing jewellery. Jewellery’s resplendence grows as it’s worn, literally warmed by our life experiences. And this is especially true when you commission Gerry Summers and are involved in your jewellery’s creation right from conception: Gerry ensures that the piece – whether simple or elaborate – is utterly unique to you, or your loved one.

The commissioning process starts with a consultation where we discuss your ideas. Gerry will create a series of drawings for your consideration. Beauty of line, form, colour and scale are key elements in the design process, and these will be imbued with elements that reflect your sentiment for the piece. With 40 years’ experience of being a master jeweller, Gerry will work with you to inspire an aesthetic design direction tailored to your ideas. He has access to the most exquisite of precious stones, and if your commission is gem-set, you’ll be invited to view a selection of gems from which you can choose. Once your piece of jewellery is in progress, we will update you with photos and videos of its creation at the bench, right here in our shop. Depending on the piece, commissions start at approximately £1500.00, and delivery is four to six weeks

Remodelling jewellery allows you to preserve the sentiment behind a piece while endowing it with new life. The process is similar to a bespoke commission.

Equally, Gerry is happy to work with loose stones you may have.

Do drop by the shop to find out more, or phone for an appointment so we can allocate you an uninterrupted consultation.

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